Carlos Luna [Cuban, b. 1969], "El novio / The Groom", 2010

Carlos Luna [Cuban, b. 1969]
“El novio / The Groom”, 2010
Oil on canvas
51 x 39 1/2 in. / (100 x 130 cm)

“Luna’s art embodies the internal struggles of an artist who has been uprooted. Born in Cuba in 1969, Luna was a part of the 1980s artistic rebellion, and he relocated to Puebla, Mexico in 1991. During the decade in Mexico, Luna enriched his unique style incorporating Cuban icons such as his Guajiro-Man and Rooster-Man with a Mexican bravado of cultural practice and language. His art references the artistic traditions of the Cuban Havana School influenced by Wifredo Lam, the European Cubist paintings of French artist, Ferdinand Leger, the storytelling of Mexican muralism and even the horror vacui of the Latin American baroque.” – Museum of Latin American Art (Long Beach, CA)